About On The Square

“He who enters the Lodge in quest of Light should leave all his previous learning behind him with his garments and loose the shoes of personal opinion from off his feet. He should think of himself as a child, and as being taken into a world of new sights and sounds, and where new ideas and even a different logic obtain from those with which he has previously been familiar, and where he must begin to recast his ideas and his life. If it will not, he will but continue to darken his own light, and the Craft can teach him nothing of value, whatever titular rank he may attain in it.”

Walter L Wilmshurst 1867-1939

On The Square is an international online community featuring Masonic research & education including discussion groups for Freemasons around the globe. We also organise on a regular basis Zoom Meetings and Webinars covering a wide range of topics from philosophical and esoteric subjects to the origin of Freemasonry and its symbols.